Hager Biosciences is a privately-owned biopharm-aceutical company established by experienced medicinal chemists to provide pre-clinical therapeutic leads and candidates through operationally agile & effective drug discovery chemistry platforms for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.



To become an efficient pre-clinical small molecule drug discovery organization and preferred source of pre-clinical leads for our pharmaceutical and biotech partners.


Discover novel pre-clinical lead drug candidates with improved overall profiles using our innovative FragPhoreTM Platform.

Leverage our extensive medicinal chemistry and therapeutic area expertise to provide high-value returns to our collaborators, partners and clients. 

Culture & Values:

Excellence - We implement creative solutions and approach our tasks with passion and conviction; and aspire to do our best by always focusing on what is important and continually striving for improvement. 

Innovation - We encourage exploration of new ideas and their creative adaptation to solve scientific problems.  We foster an environment that tolerates risk-taking, because in small failures there is a path to new learning. 

Collaboration & Teamwork - We work transparently across boundaries to build effective collaborations and partnerships to maximize return on investment. We value openness, flexibility and leverage our diversified backgrounds to achieve the highest possible results. 

Integrity & Respect - We work with the highest level of ethics and integrity, treating one another with respect and dignity. All business interactions will be conducted with the highest level of confidentiality.

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