Hager Biosciences is a privately-owned biopharm-aceutical company established by experienced medicinal chemists to provide pre-clinical therapeutic leads and candidates through operationally agile & effective drug discovery chemistry platforms for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


  • Drug rescue & profile enhancement of validated clinical candidates
  • Discovery of licensable pre-clinical leads for unmet medical needs
  • Collaborative partnerships with R&D organizations

Our mission at Hager Biosciences, is to become a preferred  pre-clinical lead out-licensing partner.  Our leadership team represents a combined total of over five decades of big-pharma and biotech R&D experience spanning the entire spectrum of the drug discovery paradigm; from hit-to-lead, to lead optimization, and to development-track nomination.

Taking into account the attrition rate and clinical failures, it is now estimated that the average capitalized cost for successfully launching a new pharmaceutical agent in the US is a staggering $1.8 billion USD per new medical entity. Of this total, a significant portion ($674 million USD) is attributed to the screening, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization phases.  At Hager, we are uniquely poised to help you mitigate some of this risk by lowering your overall cost burden.  Through our own therapeutic area-driven research programs, Hager Biosciences is positioned to provide validated, selective and potent lead molecules to enhance the corporate pipelines of our research partners while concomitantly offering innovative and value-added potential drug therapies to treat significantly unmet medical needs.

Hager's Leadership Team possesses a comprehensive cross-disciplinary therapeutic expertise with focuses on CNS, Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases, Women's Health, Musculo-skeletal disorders, Inflammation, Oncology, and Infectious diseases.  Hager is positioned to offer strategic partnerships and out-licensing opportunities to drug discovery research institutes including not-for-profit and government research organizations.  To find out additional information on Hager therapeutic leads partnerships, please contact us.


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