Hager Biosciences is a privately-owned biopharm-aceutical company established by experienced medicinal chemists to provide pre-clinical therapeutic leads and candidates through operationally agile & effective drug discovery chemistry platforms for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


  • Lead generation, optimization, profile improvement
  • Methodology development, synthesis
  • Project & portfolio management, oversight support

At Hager Biosciences, we offer medicinal chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry research solutions to your specific pre-clinical R&D needs.  We provide innovative medicinal chemistry support on either a contract-based or risk sharing partnership.  Our medicinal chemistry expertise and service products include:

  • Lead generation & optimization
  • Focused libraries for structure activity relationship (SAR) and structure property relationship (SPR)
  • Fragment-based hit expansion and evolution
  • Solving specific med chem issues such as ADME properties, solubility, scaffold-hopping, novelization of leads
  • Fast follower & back-up candidates

Our customized organic synthesis service model includes:

  • Synthetic methodology development - validation
  • Synthesis of chemical tags & probes
  • Protein-small molecule conjugation projects
  • Standards and reference compounds
  • Unique & proprietary fragments and discovery platform building blocks

The Hager Biosciences Leadership Team is composed of industry-recognized medicinal chemists with demonstrated track records from big-pharma and biotech R&D organizations.  This critical mass enables us to offer a comprehensive med chem portfolio management service and partnership capability.  These alliances are designed for flexibility to best meet the clients' needs and are individually customized with full confidentiality and IP-protection to suit your specific project for maximum outcome.  Our expertise in drug discovery encompasses numerous drug-target classes including:

  • GPCRs
  • Ion Channels and Gap Junctions
  • Kinases / Phosphatases / Proteases
  • Nuclear Hormone Receptors
  • Peptides / Peptidomimetics
  • Neuropeptides

To learn more about the Hager Biosciences medicinal chemistry support capabilities, please contact us

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